MAY 08, 2021. 21:55.

Mood: okay

Music: Prozzäk - Strange Disease

First entry...nothing to write about. A friend of mine posted something that made me feel...upset? Angry? I really don't know. I don't have any emotions that I can clearly identify. I don't know what happiness is. I don't know what sadness is. I'm just so tired of everything at this point. It's so tiring, knowing that my friends haven't even noticed that I don't post as much on Twitter as I used to, yet they expect me to be worried about them when they don't post for a day. No, it's not tiring, it's infuriating. My "best friend" left me for months without saying a word and then came back without warning. My closest friend barely even interacts with me.
Why am I like this?


Mood: indescribable

Music: Prozzäk - When I Think of You

I've thought about making a dreamwidth account. That would mean less work regarding posting entries, but it'd also mean that I wouldn't update this page as often. Should I do it? Like, for days when I can't bring myself to type out the time and date, my mood, my music, and my entries on this page? I think it'd benefit me in a way or two, but on the other hand, I wanted to practice HTML and CSS. I'm really not sure.

EDIT 23:53: So I did a thing.

JUNE 07, 2021. 14:20.

Mood: eh...

Music: none

So I've been gone, uh. For no reason at all! I just forgot about this site hahah