Welcome to the internets...

The purpose of this site is for me to practice my HTML and CSS skills, as well as healthily express myself in a way I can't outside of the internet, while holding onto whatever anonymity I have left. I am in love with the look of older technology (think late 70's-mid 80's), especially computers, and with Web 1.0 aesthetics in general, as somebody who is commonly referred to as a "zoomer".

My apologies if the site looks kind of awkward right now, I'm still figuring out how I want to format this site. I'd also like to apologise if this looks wonky or weird on your screen, as I have a cheap Lenovo laptop with 1980x1080 resolution (but it does the job, I'm not complaining!) so I really don't know how it looks for everybody else.

Nota bene: I'm actually not that interested in Serial Experiments Lain, I mostly just use it for its aesthetics (and also due to how popular it is among Neocities users). However I do plan on checking it out when I can, I've heard good things about it! So I see no reason for me to not check it out... Edit 21.05.2021: this is no longer the case. Let's all love Lain!

Anyway, this site is very much under construction, and it probably will be until I grow tired of it or until the day I'm finally freed from this prison we call life.

The links should be working now! I just need to figure out how to improve the pages, but I'm satisfied with how they look right now.